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Jennifer Hudson's weight loss


Jennifer Hudson

It doesn’t take a super sleuth to work out that Jennifer Hudson has lost a load of weight recently, dropping from a size 16 to a size 6. However, it was only yesterday revealed exactly how many pounds the singer has lost during an interview with fellow dieter, Oprah.

Having buttered the  29-year-old up by telling her how amazing she looked, the talk show host suddenly asked: “Will you tell us how much you’ve lost?” After a little hesitation, Hudson finally admitted that she has lost an impressive 80 pounds, and that she has never felt better.

Jennifer, who is the spokesperson for Weight Watchers, went on to say: “It’s like a brand new me. Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself.”

The star of Dream Girls, who attributed her healthy weight loss to dynamic exercising (switching between routines such as playing basketball, jumping ropes and running on the treadmill)  declared that she has no desire to lose any further weight. “That 4 and 2 and 0 is not for me,” she said.  She also said she prepares her own food.

Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss has also been inspiring other members of  her family to lose weight with her, and between them they have lost almost 2000 pounds.

Other celebrities who have battled with continued weight issues include Sharon Osbourne, Kirstie Alley, Sara Rue, and Oprah herself.

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