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Jennifer Hudson reveals her weight loss secrets on Oprah


We all know Jennifer Hudson has lost a significant amount of weight in recent months, dropping from a size 16 to a size 6, but until yesterday she has never publicly announced just how many pounds she has knocked off. Trust Oprah to get the star to reveal the magic number.

After complimenting the  29-year-old singer on looking her best ever, the talk show host plunged straight into the big question: “Will you tell us how much you’ve lost?”

After lots of humming and ahhing, Jennifer finally announced that she has bid adieu to an astounding 80 pounds, admitting that she has never felt better.

Jennifer, who is the spokesperson for Weight Watchers, went on to say: “It’s like a brand new me. Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself.”

The Dreamgirls star, who attributes her weight loss to keeping her exercise colorful, by switching between routines such as playing basketball, jumping ropes and running on the treadmill, feels no need to drop another dress size. “That 4 and 2 and 0 is not for me,” she said.  She also said she prepares her own food.

And what’s even better, Jennifer Hudson has inspired her family to lose weight with her, and collectively her relatives have lost an astounding 1,935 pounds.

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