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Jennifer Aniston quit smoking with yoga


The former ‘Friends’ star set herself a mission to cleanse her system in 2007, for she – despite having a very healthy diet and exercising regularly – was a chain smoker. She underwent an extreme detox, The Insider reported, and claims Jennifer has also given up her addiction to caffeine.

The big factor in her success is her report newfound love for yoga, which she claims has helped her make changes in her life.

Some people have claimed that the reason Jennifer continues to look so sexy in her 40s is because she smokes. “Conventional wisdom in Hollywood is that when you turn 40 as an actress your movie career cools down, but Jennifer Aniston seems to be going to opposite direction,” said Entertainment Weekly writer Adam B. Vary.

Jennifer Aniston indeed is proof of 40 being the new 30. Of course, 40 is a bit more fabulous when you look like Jennifer.

The benefits of quitting smoking, as Jennifer will have found out, are truly unlimited. We all expect our health to improve, but that is just the beginning of this wonderful journey. Stopping smoking not only gives you a feel of refreshment, but every breath you take feels so clean and refreshing. A relaxing and sound sleep and tremendous energy whole day is also a result of smoking cessation.

It can be hard work at times, especially at the start, but yoga and meditation, as Jennifer did, are great remedies and work wonders when it comes to quitting smoking.

With all of the damages to health smoking can cause, it’d be a good idea to follow Jennifer’s example and quit.

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