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Jean-Claude Van Damme suffers heart attack


Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme is reported to have suffered a heart attack on set while filming his latest movie, ‘Weapon’, according to Initial reports state that the heart attack was only minor and comes just one day after the 1980s action star celebrated his 50th birthday.

Various news agencies contacted Van Damme’s people for an update and a spokesperson promptly replied, “He is okay.”

‘Weapon’ was being shot (no pun intended) in Romania until last week after which the production was scheduled to move to New Orleans for a further three days of filming. Shortly after arriving filming had to be shelved due to complications, and it now appears that Jean-Claude Van Damme’s heart attack was at the centre of it.

Belgian born Van Damme has appeared in countless action films since the 1980’s including Universal Soldier, Kickboxer, Hard Target and Timecop.  During the 90’s he starred alongside Kylie Minogue in the first Street Fighter which was poorly received by film viewers, and subsequent films continued to flop at the box office.

Better known as “the muscles from Brussels” he was offered the lead role in Sly Stallone’s Expendables but turned the offer down on the grounds that he “doesn’t want his career going down that route.”

He has recently reprised the role of Luc Devereaux in the 2010 release of Universal Soldier: Regeneration.

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