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Jane Seymour’s battle with menopause


Jane Seymour, the famous face of ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’, had a difficult time trying to  find a way to deal with menopause. Jane witnessed the constant ticking of her body clock in the form of her menopause, which began her two years after she gave birth to her twin boys at the age of 47.

Apparently, she was so taken aback by the changes taking place in her body, that she gave up all zest and lost the hope of being happy ever again. “I lost faith in ever being happy again,” Jane told in an interview. “When the menopause took hold I had the typical symptoms of hot flushes and feeling grouchy. I did try to use mind over matter to control them – but I realized that I needed a back-up plan.

“Some people can deal with menopause symptoms through diet, nutrition, vitamins and exercise. But I couldn’t handle it,” she added honestly.

Soon Jane realized that she could not take it anymore, after which she consulted a doctor and attempted hormone replacement therapy (HRT). To her surprise, the nagging symptoms became fewer and weaker.

“So I tried HRT,” she said. “And once I started taking it, I found that those symptoms disappeared and I could stop worrying and get on with my everyday life.”

However, several side effects caused by HRT were becoming more and more common, which then prompted the actress to look out for alternate therapies to deal with her menopause symptoms after seven years of regular intake of HRT.

“I had taken it for seven years and, while wanted a good quality of life, I was aware that HRT increases the risk of certain medical conditions such as blood clots, stroke and breast cancer. So I went to see my doctor and then for a second opinion. One doctor said she didn’t want me to continue taking it, the other said to continue for quality of life. When I asked them why, they kept handing me books to read. I realized it was up to me to make up my own mind.”

One fact remains paramount for Jane: “From 40 on, it’s really important to protect your body, especially during menopause,” quotes her as saying.

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