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Jane Fonda is not proud her plastic surgery


Jane Fonda has been under the knife more than a few times. Yet, during a recent appearance on the Larry King show, the former model admitted that she was “not proud” of her latest decision to have work done.

The 72-year-old confessed that she had “caved” into the temptation to get more plastic surgery, breaking a vow she made in 2000 never to do it again, the Huffington Post reported.

“If I was really brave, I would have not,” she said. “I vowed I wouldn’t–I did, and I don’t feel proud of it.”

In 2006, Fonda embarked on an anti-plastic-surgery crusade, saying that Hollywood women were all beginning to “look alike” for fear of letting their bodies age. Speaking to Michael Parkinson on his chat show, the star said:

“I’m going to try to organize other women in my profession and my friends to say No to the duck lips and getting rid of the wrinkles,” The Daily Mail reported.

“I’ve just travelled through Sweden and Finland, looking at faces that were real, that had their life experiences on them, as opposed to in Hollywood [where] everybody is starting to look alike. I said no, I’m not going to do it, somebody’s got to give a face to getting old.”

Clearly, Jane Fonda appreciates the constant struggle faced by women in her line of work. The actress has always been very frank about the work she has had done and has in the past said that she actually loved certain parts of her aging physique, such as her crow’s feet and laughter lines. Most recently, Fonda has had her neck and chin smoothed out, and the bags under her eyes removed, in order to “look how [she] felt”. At the time, she blogged:

“I swore in 2000 I’d never have anything done again but this year I got tired of not looking like how I feel and I wanted a more refined chin line like I used to have so I changed my mind…I wish I’d been brave enough to not do anything but, instead, I chose to be a somewhat more glamorous grandma.”

Fonda feels like she has a lot to say on the subject and recently announced that she is in the process of writing a book about aging.

Other celebrities who have admitted to plastic surgery include Heidi Montag, Tara Reid, Demi Moore, Dita von Teese and Pamela Anderson.

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