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Jaime Pressly has friends to thank for overcoming eating disorder


The actress best known for her role in ‘My Name Is Earl’  has fought eating disorders in the past; a matter she has spoken openly about, in order to raise awareness.

In a bid to keep her frame lean, Jaimesuccumbed to a routine that involved starvation and binge and purge routines. Jaime Pressly fell for bulimia following pressure from the agencies and the modelling world. She explains that during the early days of her obsession with a thin frame, her diet consisted of only two muffins and some water which she describes to “I created an easy and foolproof diet – two English muffins a day and water. It was [really] one English muffin, but I counted it as two . . . after I’d split it open.”

Soon Jaime began a routine of bulimia: she would binge on food, then go to the bathroom and vomit. The model and actress, who now maintains a rather healthy frame, explains how her childhood friend and her boyfriend got to know about her bulimic ways and caught her while she was busy with her purging routines. quotes the actress as saying: “Dawn was going into my bedroom to grab something and she walked past the bathroom and heard me, and (she) went and got her boyfriend and her boyfriend busted the door down and said, ‘You will not, absolutely not, do this.’”

Jaime Pressly goes on to add that it was the grave fear in their eyes because of which she realized that she had gone too far in her ways to maintain that skinny frame. This incident was a wakeup call and prompted her to give up her binge and purge habits.

Jaime now feels healthy and says it is important to find time for yourself.”You have to make time for yourself and find ‘me’ time, whether that means taking a 15-minute bath or taking time to work out while someone watches the kids,” she told

Jaime Pressly has poured her heart out about her struggle with the eating disorder bulimia in her book ‘It’s Not Necessarily Not The Truth’. The model-actress, Jaime Pressly, who many young girls look up to when it comes to maintaining a healthy frame, talks about her weight gain after she delivered a child. “I don’t want to be a size 0. Not me! Sure, I wanted to lose my baby weight, but I didn’t want to lose my butt!” celebx quotes her as saying.

Other celebrities who have battled bulimia include Paula AbdulGeri Halliwell and Sally Field.

Images: PR Photos,; Attribution: Thomas Crenshaw

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