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Jack Nicholson is disgusted with his smoking habit


Many actors are seen smoking cigarettes in movies, TV shows, ads and even in pictorials, but the question remains: Do they smoke in real life too? The answer is yes.

Jack Nicholson an American actor, film director and has been smoking for many years. He has been continuously smoking, has repeatedly failed to rid himself of the life-threatening habit.

Despite being a strong-minded and determined individual, the actor who has won the Academy Award for Best Actor twice, for ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and for ‘As Good as It Gets’ is still addicted to the nasty habit. The actor is well versed about the hazardous effect his addiction could cause to his health, but apparently he finds himself helpless to kick the habit.

Jack Nicholson has reportedly been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for most of his life. Despite being in good health, the veteran actor was worried that his smoking habit could falter his health and eventually lead to his premature death.

Contact Music quotes the actor as saying: “I don’t want to be lying around dying in (a hospital bed,) thinking I was stupid enough not to prevent the inevitable. I’d be admitting that a man as petrified as I am of dying did it to himself.”

“I would be so happy if I didn’t smoke. I’m so willful that I can’t believe I can’t break the habit.” He was even astonished at his own will power as he was unable to give up his addiction.

Jack Nicholson fully admitted his vicious addiction as being stupid.

MSNBC quotes Nicholson in an interview with the Los Angeles Times as saying: “It is not so much that you fear that moment when somebody comes in and says, ‘That’s it. You’re dead. You smoked too much.'” He added: “Well, that’s not the real fear. The real fear is going through now the process and thinking, ‘I’m dying of stupidity.'”

Jack Nicholson is also reportedly addiction to sex, like Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods.

Image:, Author: Alan Light

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