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Is Whitney Houston pregnant? Rumours circle after new pictures surface


BIG NEWS today is that Whitney Houston is pregnant again. Oh wait, what? How is she?

Well, when a man loves a woman very much… No, not that…

The rumours are doing the rounds today that the 47 year old veteran pop icon is expecting baby number two, some sixteen years after her daughter Bobbi came into this world of substance abuse and domestic violence.

Maybe it's a cushion. Pop stars fall over on stage all the time.

And there in lies the problem. Whitney Houston has abused her body so heavily over past decades that it’s highly unlikely she’d be able to have a baby, after all, there’s nothing left of her voice after systematic crack cocaine abuse, so what condition will the rest of her body be in?

The rumours have come from new pictures of Houston performing at a concert in which she looks pregnant. Having battled for years to put her drug days behind her she has recently taken a course of steroid shots to help clear up a breathing problem, and those, combined with the riddance of drugs, may well have led to some much needed weight gain.

It does appear however that the pop diva is heading in the right direction as far as life changes go. Having ditched the abusive, cheating Bobby Brown in 2006 she has since distanced herself from the associated circus of drugs and alcohol, and tried in ernest to resurrect her music career – albeit not without hiccups.

Given the effect the past decade has had on her life, one would imagine that last thing she’d need now is another baby, certainly not when she’s still trying to sustain touring. The truth will out soon enough and you can be sure the speculation won’t die down for a while, but for now, take a look at the picture, decide for yourself and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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