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Is Naomi Campbell depressed?


Depression always does not show in the form of silent and quiet behavior, it can also be the other way round. It can involve violent and aggressive behavior. Celebrities are often victims of depression. Displaying symptoms like violence, aggression and anger is a symbol of supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell has been struggling with depression and has always been in the media for all the wrong reasons, including the series of legal battles that she has had to fight because of the many physical assaults she has been involved in.

Living the most crucial days of childhood in isolation, Naomi Campbell started feeling insecure and anger entered her life at an early stage. While facing so many allegations due to her violent behavior, Naomi said, “Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue… and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness.”

Known as an angry supermodel, Naomi Campbell has been involved in public spats but even after repeated legal hearings, she is all the same. To bring her personal life and career back on the track, Naomi also checked into a rehabilitation centre for image revival. To get rid of her uncontrollable anger, Naomi was prescribed to undergo anger management treatment after she physically assaulted her maid.

The model still has no regrets and after her comeback from the rehabilitation centre, Campbell said, “I go to meetings in every country I’m in; I have a sponsor, … When you stop drugs, you have to stop everything.”

Interestingly, Naomi found Candomble, which is an African religion as an easy escape for her depression and anger. Naomi’s concern about her self esteem can be judged by her statement where she said, “I smoke. I drink now and then. I never work out. I work very hard, and I am worth every cent.”

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