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Is Mariah Carey expecting twins?


For months Mariah Carey managed to conceal her pregnancy from the media and her fans, despite the best efforts of her close friends to broadcast the news.  Back on 28th October we reported that Thandie Newton confirmed the star’s pregnancy but now it seems even more revelations are unfolding.

After such a strong veil of secrecy Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon are starting to become a little more candid and after a possible slip of the tongue, speculation is rife that she is now in fact expecting twins.

The 40 year old singer is set to launch a new record, Merry Christmas II, in time for the festive season and while being interviewed by Radio Disney’s Ernie D. Mariah referred to her baby bump as “they”.

Understandably, since the plural reference fans and media have been buzzing with speculation but Mariah herself isn’t giving any more away.  She is remaining focussed on her forthcoming CD and when she told the interviewer she sings the songs to her baby (babies?) she added, “I just hope that they don’t turn out hating Christmas!”

Since then no more has been said by the couple on the matter, but given the momentum this story is gaining, it’s safe to say there’ll be more news yet regarding Mariah and her possible twins.

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