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Is Japan’s Hatsune Miku the strangest celebrity of them all?


Here is one adorable and super cool celebrity that won’t ever be making the headlines for developing an addiction to drugs or an eating disorder. There will never be rumors circulating the internet of her being pulled over by the police for driving under the influence and being carted off to jail.

She won’t ever have to worry about battling depression or getting skin cancer. Going under the knife for breast augmentation? Nope, she’ll be spared that one too.

Hatsune Miku is the strangest pop star around, and with the likes of celebrities like Lady Gaga taking the music scene by storm these days, that’s saying something. The 16-year-old star from Japan has become the next biggest thing in her country.

Newcomer Miku is such a hit with her fans that she already has a number one chart-topping single and a sold-out tour to her name. And yet despite her sudden rise to fame, she will never be afflicted with the troubles and insecurities stars like Demi Lovato and Lindsay Lohan have to struggle through.

So what is it that makes the young teen so immune to all the health conditions and illnesses affecting other celebrities?

There is one crucial aspect which makes her stand out from all the Britneys and Mileys: Miku is a hologram. A hologram who just so happens to have become a fully-fledged virtual celebrity.

As reported by Daily Mail, the digital avatar is apparently 16 years old and five foor two inches tall. She has been performing ‘live’ concerts with a real backing band since 2009, with her fans screaming as if she was really there in the flesh.

Miku Hatsune’s sweet soprano voice was created by taking vocal samples from anime voice actress Saki Fujita and putting them through Yamaha’s Vocaloid software.

Can you imagine forking out your dollars and getting so excited to see Japan’s singing holographic idol in action?

Click below to watch Hatsune Miku perform live in concert.

Images: Wikimedia Commons

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