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Insecurity reigns for Katie Price aka Jordan


With the release of her latest autobiography If Brain Cells Collide, sorry I meant, You Only Live Once, Katie Price has revealed that underneath all the glitz and glamour there hides a vulnerable and frail child who just wants to be loved.

By everyone.

Trouble is our dear Jordan is a repeat offender, confused by her own lack of intelligence and imagination, and deluded into thinking that A) anyone cares; and B) that she is somehow relevant.

Jordan may not have invented a pencil sharpener but she has got big tits.

It’s shocking that someone so intellectually devoid and characteristically bland has become a role model for so many young women; that in the modern era simply removing your clothes is enough to make one famous. Having crawled from the lowest pits of filth and trash she has peddled her fake appendages in many English newspapers and flaunted her wares in pornographic movies, yet still maintains she has only slept with three different men, all of whom she had meaningful relationships with.

Am I the only one who doesn’t believe that?

The problem for Katie is that she may well be insecure and in need of the right man, but she’s NEVER going to find him if she continues whoring herself to the highest media bidders and behaving like a cheap tart.

Let’s take a quote and use it as an example as to why she’ll never find anyone decent. In a recent interview the wise and diligent Price said, “Some people may be famous for creating a pencil sharpener; I’m famous for my tits.”

What more can you say? If her brain cells ever did collide it would be like Mount Krakatoa all over again. Tidal waves would flood the entire planet; whole continents would be engulfed and tectonic plates would reshape the earth into an unrecognizable formation.

Fortunately that’ll never happen because in order to make a collision you need more than one participant.

Her social prostitution is embarrassing and though she may claim to want to find the right man: “All I want is a gentleman, I’m sick to bloody death of bastards,” it’ll never happen all the time she hawks herself for public entertainment through low class and desperate behavior.

You can’t catch a salmon in the sewer.

Katie Price is a useful example of a life spent chasing the wrong things in the wrong places and using physical assets instead of intellect, charm or wit to make the right impression. She is another clown, part of the celebrity circus; there to amuse us and make us realise that we are better than that. Attention seeking is never a pretty thing and when her ‘assets’ head south there’ll be nothing left for the plastic doll’s head which pollutes the media with its asinine garbage and utter lack of class.

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