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Ingrid Bergman succumbed to her battle with breast cancer


Ingrid Bergman was a legend that not only helped create the magic that is Hollywood, but also redefined the perception of women in which she paved the path for many actresses in the generations to follow. Bergman, who was born in Stockholm in 1915, was rated as the fourth greatest American film star in history by the American Film.

A winner of three Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, along with a Tony Award for Best Actress in the first Tony Award ceremony that was held in 1947, Ingrid Bergman was one of those rare talents that stunned Hollywood and the world with her range and style in portraying some of the most memorable characters. Appearing in films like ‘Joan of Arc’, ‘Anastasia’ and ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, ‘Casablanca’ – which has been deemed as the most significant film ever made – was her ultimate claim to fame. Ingrid Bergman was not merely beautiful charmer but also an astounding actor. From Roberto Rossellini’s muse and wife to a ferociously independent woman who not only lived the way she felt like but also chose to defy convention, Ingrid Bergman will forever be remembered as a great actress. During her days as an international star Ingrid Bergman was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After her surgery to remove the tumor, Lymphoma complications further aggravated the problem. After a tough battle with the disease, the actress who gave the world IIsa Lund passed away on her 67th birthday in London in 1982.

Even though she lost her battle with breast cancer, the world will always remember Hollywood’s princess from Sweden.

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