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Ikki twin out of induced coma and doing better


Erica Mongeon, otherwise known as Rikki of the Ikki Twins, has come out of an induced coma, her sister Vikki told RadarOnline.

Rikki was placed in an induced come after undergoing emegerncy surgery on March 2. Rikki had been involved in a car accident prior, that had seriously injured her head. Rikki came out of the coma on March 6, her twin says, and describes her sister’s tough time during the coma.

“The two days following the coma while in the ICU were the hardest part because she was having crazy nightmares and she was hallucinating,” Vikki told RadarOnline. “It was so difficult because she didn’t know what was a dream and what was reality and she was trying to pull out the cords.”

After waking up out of the coma, Rikki couldn’t feel her legs and wasn’t able to move her arm. At the time she was worried she would never be able to walk again.

Rikki Mongeon

Now, two weeks later, Rikki is doing much better. In a video posted on RadarOnline, Rikki gave her first interview since the accident.

“I was in a car accident and pretty much the same thing that Natasha Richardson died of, happened to me,” Rikki explained. “I had to get both of the sides of my skull removed so my brain could expand and swell and make room for it so I didn’t die.

“Right now we’re working on trying to make new connections, for my brain to send new pathways to my hand,” she continued.

Rikki is set to undergo intense therapy to hopeful enjoy a full recovery.

Erica and Victoria Mongeon are identicals twins who have modeled for car magazines. They had their own reality dating show on MTV, called ‘A Double Shot At Love’ – a spin-off of Tila Tequila’s ‘A Shot At Love’.

Actor Justin Mentell lost his life after a car accident earlier this year.

Other celebrities who have had brain surgery include Jackie Chan.


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