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‘Housewives’ eased divorce pain, says Kelsey Grammer’s ex


Camille Grammer says becoming a new member of the TV reality show ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ has helped her to get through the breakdown of her marriage to her husband of 13 years, ‘Frasier’ star Kelsey Grammer.

The former Playboy model filed for divorce in July, citing the standard Hollywood line “irreconcilable differences”, and now viewers will be able to watch the celebrity marriage crumble on TV.

“I’m glad that I decided to do the show because it’s been a diversion,” Kelsey Grammer’s third ex-wife said in an interview with the Associated Press. “I have these wonderful, five very strong, successful women right there supporting me through this.”

The show may have played a  role in the meltdown of their marriage. As reported on the NY Daily News three months ago, the couple had a bit of a “rift” over Camille’s decision to join the cast of the reality show.”He’s a control freak, so he didn’t like her joining the show. But this is still a surprise,” a source said.

In the season premiere Kelsey Grammer is seen leaving for New york to star in the Broadway show “La Cage aux Folles”, and according to several sources, this is when the marriage started to fall apart. Camille and their children, 9-year-old daughter Mason and 6-year-old son Jude, were set to follow him to New york over the summer before the pair decided to end their relationship.

According to, Camille had no idea divorce was imminent. “It was hard for me. It definitely brought a tear to my eye,” she said after watching the first episode.”… I think I give him a kiss (goodbye) and say ‘I love him’. I was supposed to move in that summer.”

Will you be watching the up-and-close personal view of the couple’s marriage fall apart on reality tv?

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