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Hospital visit not surprising, Michael Lohan says


In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline Michael Lohan says it was no surprise he was rushed to the hospital a few days ago, as he has been aware of needing treatment for years.

“They wanted to put stents in my heart three years ago, but I never did anything about it,” he told RadarOnline on Sunday. “Last night at the hospital they wanted to do it right there but my cardiologist in New York said is was too invasive. I used to be on medication for this problem. I never told anyone. And then I stopped taking it, frankly because it made me gain weight and I’m such an a**h*** about being in shape and exercising.”

Michael was rushed to a hospital in Massachusetts after failing a pre-boxing match physical. He was set to fight in a celebrity boxing match, but began feeling intense “pins and needles” in his left arm after the check-up. His blood pressure, RadarOnline reports, was at 170/124. So what’s actually wrong with him?

“I’ve got either a blood clot or a blockage,” Michael said. “They told me, ‘This is a stroke waiting to happen’.”

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