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Herschel Sims gives Cowboys fans reasons to be cheerful


Herschel Sims is back on the sidelines again after tweaking an ankle injury during the Abilene High Eagles’ game against Odessa Permian.

Good news is that the star high school running back has committed to Oklahoma State for another year and despite the fact that he’s dealing with the ankle injury which has led to him missing some big, important games, Cowboys fans have a great deal to be enthusiastic about where Sims is concerned.

Herschel Sims may not be the biggest for his running back position but his strength and guile make him a tough adversary and his arsenal of tricks and slick moves make him a hard one to stop in a one-on-one situation.

The biggest setback for Sims is his troublesome ankle and overall durability.  College football is a tough place to learn and he needs to strengthen his muscles and bones in order to become a much tougher and fitter player and be able to withstand the rigours of playing running back at all levels.

Fans will hope Sims doesn’t go the same way as another once promising star, Marcus Dupree who suffered his own share of injuries which ended his career before it even began.  Dupree has been hailed as “the best that never was”.

The positives outweigh the negatives for Herschel Sims.  He’s an exciting player, explosive even, and with his physical and mental speed he can leave defenders for dead.  Stack that with his excellent passing ability and he’ll garner a lot of attention from defenders. He also bounces off defenders and some people have started comparing his approach to LaDainian Tomlinson’s.

If he can shake the injuries and toughen his mind and body more he’ll be a hell of a player in years to come, and that’s why Cowboys fans should be licking their lips in anticipation at the promising future of one of the game’s rising talents.

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