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Heidi Montag desperate to have breast implants removed


Heidi Montag has found one more reason to be in news: she now wants her huge breast implants removed, says a report published in Heidi got her G- cup implants in last year on the day Dr. Frank Ryan performed a total of 10 surgeries on her. This was the second time she went in for breast augmentation.

Shortly after the surgery, she said that she wanted the size to be even bigger, and hoped to one day have H-cup breasts. She is now fed up of her breast implants and wants to get rid of them. In an interview, she said that the implants were giving her severe pain and she feels “trapped”.

According to, Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan died a few days back and now, she has been seen regretting her surgery decisions. She wants to go down to smaller size like a D or a double D. In the interview, she said that even though she was on painkillers, they have not done any good to the pain and she is suffering every day.

She has also recently blamed her surgeries for ruining her relationship with husband Spencer Pratt. Spencer was reportedly against any and all plastic surgeries, but Heidi didn’t agree and had them done anyway.

Heidi has been wearing custom made clothing since the time of her boob job. Her everyday workout regimen is also suffering due to the oversized breasts.

Other celebrities who have admitted to plastic surgery include Tara Reid,Demi MooreDita von Teese and Pamela Anderson.

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