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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt back on the radar with reality show


Just when we thought we free of the annoying media hungry couple, VH1 has seen it fit to shine the spotlight on Heidi Montag by signing her on for, horror of horrors, yet another dreary reality TV Show.

To celebrate her re-entry to the world of employment, the 24 year old revved her way back onto the gossip websites and magazines — in true Heidi and Spencer ‘style’ — behind the wheel of a spanking red Ferrari.

The publicity pair, who not so long ago were swimming in millions of dollar notes, were hit with a hard blow when they faced near bankruptcy last year after splashing their exorbitant fortune on jewels, flashy cars and the like. Then there was her failed pop album and of course the regret she suffered after her numerous plastic surgery procedures.

What are the chances there has been a bit of a maturation and coming-to-their-senses process going on in recent months, and what are we going to have thrown our way this time round?  As reported by Daily Mail, the former Hills star will be set with the task of opening a resturant in 28 days. “They are revamping a restaurant from the ground up,” a source told People magazine.

Are you slightly curious or will you be steering well clear of the TV when her — as yet unnamed — show comes on?

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