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Have years of drugs ruined Whitney Houston’s voice?


It’s been 11 years since one-time-diva Whitney Houston graced the UK’s stages with her presence. 10 years of cocaine addiction and drug excesses lie in between her last performance, and the one she gave in Birmingham last night (after she cancelled the first three appearances of her concert tour due to a throat infection).

While some publications have praised the 46-year-old for her “not 100% performance”, claiming it’s amazing she managed to sound so good after years of taking drugs and overcoming her recent illness, others are climbing on the international bandwagon; a farce that began when Whitney took the stage for her comeback in the U.S. – which left many fans disappointed with her performance – over Australia, and now the UK.

British tabloid The Sun ran an article criticizing the star’s performance, which was marred with microphone mishaps, a break after only 20 minutes of singing, and entailed what they reported as a complete “failure to hit high notes”. A video in the article shows just how off-key her singing was. Maybe we’re being too harsh; the woman DID just have a cold, but we think something else might be to blame.

A younger, healthier Whitney Houston

It seems that those years of her drug addictions – though we’re proud of her for overcoming them – certainly have done some serious damage to the diva’s voice. Is her time up? Has she threatened her once legendary career as one of the top-selling artists of all time? Can her fans take her seriously as an artist anymore?

While some fans will forever stay loyal to their idol, others are ready for her to step aside and make room for some younger talents, who actually still have talent to speak of.

Introducing Lin Yu Chun: a 24-year-old Taiwanese singer who blew away his nation and millions of people on the internet by singing ‘I Will Always Love You’ – flawlessly. This chubby young man with a unibrow and a bowl cut reminiscent of the 1980s has been dubbed the ‘Taiwanese Susan Boyle’ (an unexpectedly grand singer on a UK casting show who now enjoys international success) with a singing career in the making. His popularity on the internet and in the international media seems to be gaining momentum by the minute. See for yourself how he sings ‘I Will Love You’:

Now compare this with Whitney’s performance of the same song in Birmingham:

Contrary to Whitney, Lin Yu Chun hit every single note – even the high ones – when he performed the hit ballad.

It highlights that maybe, when a layman on a casting show can sing her flagship songs better than she can, she should indeed pack it in and salute the amazing career she’d had up until her marital and drug problems began. Maybe Lin Yu Chun should hit the stage and take over the rest of Whitney’s concert tour!

Read how Lin Yu Chun’s weight might be to thank for his success and read about Whitney’s battle with drugs.

Other celebrities who have battled their addictions include Drew Barrymore,Lindsay Lohan and Mickey Rourke.

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