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Halle Berry pregnant again through AI?


Against all the odds, American actress Halle Berry is pregnant once again. The 43-year-old and her boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, are already parents to toddler Nahla Ariela, who was conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF). This time, it is artificial insemination that worked its wonder, according to Life & Style magazine, though other sources believe it to have been IVF again.

The actress is said to be “overjoyed” and “ecstatic” to be pregnant again, as she was not sure she would be able to have another child. According to the Herald Sun, Berry went through around 30 tests before her pregnancy with first child Nahla could be confirmed. During that pregnancy, she stated that her and Aubry would like to have two children, but weren’t sure whether that would be possible.

The Herald Sun quotes Berry: “We always talked about having two. Whether or not we’ll actually make that happen is left to be seen, but that would be our intent. That’s for sure.”

Berry’s ordeal comes as a reminder of the difficulty women over 35 face in getting pregnant, after which age doctors say risks increase considerably. Women generally experience a decline in fertility after the age of 35, and a pregnancy is more likely to lead to complications.

The question that Examiner asks is why women are leaving it so late to have children. Like Halle Berry, most of these tend to be successful career women, or those who have spent the majority of their life pursuing other goals, and have not found time for marriage or children.

IVF and artificial insemination are just two options open to women today enabling them to become mothers. Apart from surrogacy as a way of having a biological child, government agencies and social services encourage couples to foster or adopt children. Private adoption has also proven to be popular.


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