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Halle Berry: Controlling Diabetes Through Healthy Living

Halle Berry looking healthy
Halle Berry enjoying the big outdoors. Diabetes doesn’t stop her.


With the advent of mass, overly processed food the world has seen a sharp increase in the number of global diabetes cases. It could be considered an epidemic now which is spiralling out of control and doesn’t look set to change until something is done about the amount of sugar, salt and chemicals in our food.

Many celebrities have been diagnosed with the illness which comes in two forms:


Type I Diabetes – where the body is unable to produce insulin due to the destruction of islet cells in the pancreas

Type II Diabetes – the body produces high levels of glucose in the blood in context with insulin resistance


Halle Berry was wrongfully diagnosed with Type I diabetes and claimed to have weaned herself off Insulin; the most widely used medicinal method of treating the illness, but it turned out she had Type II Diabetes all along.

She now treats it by exercising regularly and has changed her diet radically to give her body a more balanced intake; cutting out sugar and lessening the risk of a Hypoglycaemic attack which can lead to a coma and death if not treated quickly.

Dr Gabriel Cousens
Looking good at 69 years of age; Dr Gabriel Cousens may have a point about raw food.

Dr Gabriel Cousens, a doctor of medicine, has long advocated the role of diet in treating a whole host of illnesses including diabetes. His documentary entitled Raw for Thirty Days highlights six cases of diabetes (both types) and the dramatic impact that a change to healthy, raw, natural whole foods had on his patients.

After three days half of the group didn’t need insulin and by the end of the thirty days they had lost considerable weight and were feeling fresher and healthier than they ever had.

Perhaps not going to the measures that Cousens’ guests took, Halle Berry is still advocating a healthy lifestyle to combat her illness and she should be seen as a good role model to anyone of any age who find themselves diagnosed with Diabetes.


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