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Gretchen Rossi overcomes bulimia


The ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ star Gretchen Rossi recently admitted to suffering from bulimia. The order reportedly started when she was in high school. Apparently, the actress felt insecure about her figure, despite claiming she was never overweight. “ I was a lot heavier back in high school and in college,” the Examiner quotes her as saying. “I wasn’t even fat, I was only 130 pounds. But compared to what I look like now at 115 pounds, I thought I looked fat.”

She says that the recovery phase of her eating disorder required a great deal of effort. However, the actress maintains that timely help from the nutritionist and regular therapies helped her break away from bulimia. quotes Gretchen as saying of the time: “My best friend busted me in the bathroom, and then my parents found out. That’s when I decided to seek therapy.”

That is when the actress decided that she was not going to let the disease have its way. She not only recovered from her binging and purging routine, but also went several steps further to help others beware of eating disorders. “I decided that I was going to make a difference, and I went and got my personal training license and nutritional license. Then I worked as a personal trainer, nutritionist and aerobics instructor.”

Now with a healthy frame, she feels positive about herself and gives all the credit to her family and friends who supported her throughout the phase of the eating disorder. Apparently the star feels great about her weight now. “This is the best weight I’ve ever been at, and this is the best I feel like I’ve ever looked.”

She goes on to add that although she is not too conscious about her calorie intake, she maintains a balanced diet. “I don’t count calories or cut sugar out. I have a little taste of everything, then, for the next three days, I’ll be really careful,” remarks Gretchen.

“I feel toned and healthy and good. And it took a little bit to get to that place, but I’m grateful I’m finally at that place.”

Celebrities who have suffered from eating disorders include Mary-Kate Olsen,Sharon Osbourne, Daniel Johns and Jane Fonda.

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