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Greg Giraldo critical after prescription drug overdose


Comedian and judge of the show ‘Last Comic Standing’, Greg Giraldo is in a critical condition following an overdose of prescription drugs on Saturday night, says a report published in He was staying in a hotel in New Jersey when the incident took place.

Earlier in the day, he had to perform at an event to support the Drug Addiction Recovery Month. Earlier, at a party at the hotel where he was staying, according to an eye witness, Greg was found to be unresponsive. The eye witness described the bash as being like a zoo. Greg was resuscitated by the medical team that arrived at the site and took him to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, which is located near Brunswick.

The drug overdose was an accident and not a suicide attempt, says a report in His condition is believed to be stable. The provocative and wildly funny comedian was performing at the Stress Factory comedy club and was staying at the hotel when the incident took place. People who came to attend the show were told that Giraldo has been rushed to the hospital but the reason was kept undisclosed.

Celebrities who have died from a drug overdose include Anna Nicole Smith, Brittany Murphy, John Belushi, Heath Ledger and River Phoenix


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