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Google had to make tough decision over Sam Fox doodle


Google found themselves in a difficult situation yesterday over which occasion to mark with their doodle. Charlie Chaplin’s short film won the day but it was a close call as the internet search and advertising giant really wanted to celebrate the 45th birthday of British singer, actress and model Samantha Fox.

Amusingly thought of as a singer, the British public best remember Sam Fox for her ‘modelling’ work as a page 3 girl in The Sun, a British ‘red top’ paper which rose to popularity in the 1970’s by having a picture of a young, topless girl on the third page every day.

Samantha Fox displays her vocal talents although she was unable to sing after this photo shoot due to feeling a little chesty

She was often pictured in some horrendously luminous coloured, terrible 80’s style bikini which was about as flattering to her curves as the music press were about her singing ability, but that didn’t bother builders and footballers the country over who probably didn’t even notice that she had a face, let alone what colour her fishnet swimsuit was.

Her singing career was never taken seriously by anyone; perhaps it was those same builders and footballers who bought her records in the hope of a bit of fleshy nostalgia, but after she hung up her boobs the majority of public interest deflated and the pint-sized ‘singer’ quickly faded into obscurity.

Fox did make several comeback attempts and in 1989 she co-hosted the Brit Awards with Mick Fleetwood (of Fleetwood Mac fame) much to the public’s bewilderment and amusement. The show was dreadful, mistimed lines and guests, performers not turning up and sections of the show were not aired due to time constraints.

That show somehow epitomised the life of Fox who was at best a trader’s daughter with delusions of grandeur. In a sad indictment of our times her best claim to fame was bearing her tits for public pleasure, and while bricklayers and school boys may have found her charismatic and classy, she was in fact neither.

Now aged 45 years and one day, the bubbly page 3 girl (let’s keep it real here) has just missed out on the accolade of a Google doodle, or ‘booble’ but hope remains for the lesbian heartbreaker that next year will bring her more luck.

Belated happy birthday Samantha Fox.

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