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Google gets festive with a new Christmas doodle


Google has released a festive Christmas doodle today which features a collection of iconic locations from around the world in Christmas card form, along with a series of traditional dishes and cultural affectations from various countries.

As with some of the more recent logos, Google have implemented flash graphics, and hovering your mouse pointer over each image will cause it to expand. Rather like an advent calendar, opening each window (clicking on them) leads you to places such as St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square, The Acropolis in Athens, Greece; Mount Fuji, The Great Wall of China, the Sahara Desert, Sydney Harbour, the gondolas of Venice and the Chilean vineyards.

Aside from locations around the world they have also included some cultural elements from other countries, like Buche de Noel (French Christmas cake), Polish Pierogi which is similar to Ravioli, Indian dance styles, the Turkish Oud (a lute-like instrument), African Kangas (a garment of sorts) and Moroccan Henna lamps.

The definitive festive image is that of Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) on a roof top in the snow (pictured top right), and clicking that image takes you to a search for Up on the Housetop, a Christmas classic written by Benjamin Hanby in 1864 in the town of New Paris, Ohio.  The searches lead to videos, lyrics, and a multitude of historical facts relating to the song.

Google’s doodles make for fascinating viewing, especially the more recent additions which have become even more colourful and informative.

Enjoy a whistle stop tour of the world and its many cultures by visiting Google.

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Images: google

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