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Google doodle celebrates 2011 with fireworks and roman numerals


Google put on its party boots and rang into the new year with a new doodle featuring the Roman numerals MMXI (2011), surrounded by images of  fireworks.

Doodles, the creative changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, birthdays and the lives of famous people on the Google homepage, have made using the search engine a colourful and often smile-inducing experience.

Last year was a particular good year for doodles, and we have seen the search engine celebrate everything from Jane Austen’s 235th anniversary to the Flintstones 50th anniversary and the discovery of x-rays.

And, according to Wall Street Journal, Google went full out when it came to the festive season and creating the Christmas Google doodle: it took five artists, 6 months and 250 hours to create it and two and a half days later it was down again.

Google clearly wasn’t the the only one celebrating last night. If you’re suffering from a night of excess, read here about celebrities and their hangover cures.

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