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Google celebrates Paul Cézanne’s birthday with a doodle


Google is today celebrating the birthday of Paul Cézanne with yet another colourful doodle.  Cézanne was a French artist and considered one of the greatest post-impressionists, a movement which followed on from the work of such esteemed artists as Paul Gaugin and Vincent Van Gogh.

Paul Cézanne was born January 19th, 1839 and lived to the ripe age of 67, passing away on October 22nd, 1906.  The French painter and – according to may – father of the Post-Impressionist movement, laid the foundation for new movements in the art world, as his work spanned genres, taking in impressionism and paving the way for cubism which followed in the early 20th century.

Cézanne’s self-created style took the pioneering art of Gaugin and Van Gogh to a new level, and his use of plains of colour built up with small brush strokes is still as unmistakable as ever.

Cézanne was the bridge between fine art and the dawning age of radically expressive art. His influence has lived on, and in the 1960’s a certain Andy Warhol picked up the baton and continued in a similar vein. Had it not been for Cézanne, the world would never have been introduced to Warhol’s ‘Pop Art.’

Cézanne’s work is a master class in design, colour, tone, composition and draftsmanship. His paintings often seem repetitive, but his sensitive and exploratory brushstrokes are highly characteristic and clearly recognizable.

A phrase once used to describe Matisse has also been attributed to Cézanne, that being, “he is the father of us all.”

Despite a lack of detail at first glance, closer inspection of Cézanne’s work reveals an artist who studied his subject matter at great length, and his desire to express what the eye, the mind and the heart see are captured harmoniously on each canvas.

Check out Google today for samples of Cézanne’s work and more information.

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