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Giuliana Rancic trying to IVF one more time


E! News host Giuliana Rancic and her husband, Bill, have announced that they will try In Vitro Fertilization one more time in the near future after another unsuccessful round.

“One time sadly we miscarried and the other time didn’t work, so it’s been really tough,” said Guiliana during her Tuesday’s visit to the The Talk.

The couple had always been very open about their private lives and the quest to start a family. At the time of the miscarriage, they talked about their painful experience.

Giuliana Rancic soldiers on

“Both of us were in shock,” Bill, 39, told People. “Failure wasn’t an option!”

Giuliana, 36, says she was crushed by the news. “I said, ‘I’m not doing this again. I can’t.’ I was angry at life and at God.”

But that has now changed as the star has come to terms with her loss. “We’re going to do IVF another time in the near future because our doctor suggested, ‘I think I can get you pregnant,’” she said on The Talk.

Just in case the couple have bad luck on the third time trying, they are already looking into their other option – adoption.

“When we were in Italy recently I felt very connected to Naples, where I’m from. We thought it would be really wonderful to be able to adopt a child from where I’m from and give a child there some opportunity,” she said.

This comment stirred quite a reaction on social networking site Twitter: “I got some Tweets … of people saying, ‘You should adopt from America’ and ‘A lot of kids need help’ and of course that’s true, but you know what? How can you tell a woman where she should adopt from?’” she questions. ”You’ve got to follow your heart. So if it’s a foreign country, if it’s in your backyard … A child is a child.”

Despite the difficult battle, the pair is staying positive: “Right now we’re doing a year of fun — we just needed time off,” she says. “You’ve got to look at the positive.”

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