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German pop star found guilty of spreading HIV


Nadja Benaissa is part of an institution in Germany, namely successful girl band No Angels. Seeing her in court recently, she certainly looked like no angel: Nadja (far left in the photo) was on trial in Germany, charged grievous bodily harm for hiding the fact that she had HIV and infected one of her sexual partners.

She had unprotected sex with three men between 2004 and 2006 without letting them know she was infected with HIV. She reportedly infected one of the individuals, who was the plaintiff in the case. She was found guilty of grievous bodily harm, and two counts of attempted aggravated assault for the two men she did not infect.

Infecting someone with HIV through intercourse is a crime in Germany.

The 28-year-old singer acknowledged having unprotected sex and says she made a huge mistake. During her testimony she denied purposefully infecting anyone with HIV, and apologized.

“I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. I would love to turn back the clock, but I can’t,” the AFP quotes her as saying.

If convicted, she could have faced up to 10 years in prison, however prosecutors and the defense are recommended she be given a two-year suspended sentence instead of jail time, which is what she received.

The 34-year-old man, whom Nadja infected, claims her management wanted to buy his silence. He reportedly only found out he could have contracted the virus from her many years after he slept with her from her aunt.

But why did Nadja remain silent for so long about her illness?

The Daily Mail quotes a statement Nadja’s lawyer read in court:

“It was said to me that the probability of me passing on the virus was practically zero. Therefore I also concealed the fact that I was infected to my acquaintances.

“I did not want my daughter to be branded by this. I told the band members because I trusted them. I never made it public because I thought that would mean the end of the band.”

Nadja found out she was HIV positive during a routine check during her pregnancy. She was just 16 years old. She was also addicted to crack at the tender age of 14.

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