German Big Brother star dies after 6th breast operation

German porn star Carolin Berger, who found fame on the German version of Big Brother last year — raising eyebrows wih her erotic antics in the house — died after suffering a brain hemorrhage, a direct complication from her sixth breast operation.

Berger, best known as “Sexy Cora”, reportedly went under the knife for a series of breast enhancements in a bid to boost not only her chest, but also her publicity.

The 23-year-old adult film star, who not long before her sixth and fatal operation attempted to break the world record blow job attempt, wanted to increase the size of her silicone implants from 500 grams to 800 grams each, German tabloid Bild reported.

“The senseless death of Big Brother star Cora shocks the whole of Germany,” Bild said.

“[Her] frail, 48kg (106lb) body struggled against death for 224 hours. She lost. Cora is dead!”

Cora suffered two heart attacks during the surgery and there are claims she was deprived of oxygen for 15 minutes during the operation which left her in an artifical coma.

The doctors who carried out the procedure areĀ  being investigated for alleged manslaughter.

Two stars who have spoken out about the perils of plastic surgery are Kathy Griffin and Jane Fonda.

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4 thoughts on “German Big Brother star dies after 6th breast operation

  1. Poor thing. I hope she finds a place to escape from the madness of this crazy insane world.

  2. 6 boob jobs??? trying to go from 500 grams to 800 grams? I mean seriously. You talk about senseless deaths all the time. People killing people. But how stupid is this? Love yourself people. God gave you what you have. Unbelievable

  3. Sadly,so many women do this and get so big ,all they can act in are Porn films……Really worth risking your life only to be known as a Porn star?…..sorry but killing yourself to be someone is stupid anyway,but She chose her profession…..I guess she was only good at that,because you don`t need to be an actor ,to be in porn……most of it is so lame anyway…..At least She could have been known as Carolin Berger…German actress!……not F-ing porn star.

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