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Gary Coleman’s death was accidental


Diff’rent Strokes actor Gary Coleman’s death has been ruled as accidental by police according to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune.  Any further investigation into his case has been closed.

A statement released by Utah’s Santaquin Police Department said, “There was no struggle and there’s no indication of anything else here than an accident.”

After an accidental fall Coleman suffered head injuries which was verified by an autopsy, but further findings discovered blockages to his coronary arteries and renal failure.  His health in the months preceding his death was in decline.

It was May 26th when Coleman had the fall and his ex-wife, who still had authority over his medical decisions, had the life support system switched off two days later.

Shortly after his passing a media frenzy occurred with many asking whether Shannon Price had any right to make the decision given that they were separated and further debacles arose over funeral arrangements and deathbed photos which Price firstly denied involvement with – then didn’t deny involvement.

Given the circus surrounding his death and the ensuing media distortion, it’s possible there’s yet more controversy to surface, but for now at least, we can perhaps let Coleman rest peacefully.

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