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Gary Coleman in critical condition


Gary Coleman, star of the 1970s show ‘Diff’rent Strokes’, is reportedly in a critical condition in a Utah hospital. Initial reports said Gary has sustained an injury to his head after a fall, and was rushed to the Salt Lake City hospital to seek treatment, reports.

While his family does not wish to disclose details of the condition, Gary’s wife, Shannon Price, reportedly told a local news station that he is suffering from a “serious medical problem”.

The Huffington Post writes Gary’s lawyer, Randy Kester has spoken to the family, and they do not want to jump the gun by releasing details of the situation.

“Anything they could say would be premature because they don’t know the full extent of his condition right now,” he told The Associated Press.

The news has led many to worry, since the 42-year-old actor has had a string of medical emergencies this year. Gary was admitted to hospital in February after suffering a seizure on the set of ‘The Insider’, and also spent time in hospital – reportedly also for a seizure, as reports – a month earlier.

The former child star has a condition called focal segmental glomerolusclerosis, which caused his growth to be stunted: he is 4ft 8in tall. He also suffers from congenital kidney disease, and has had two kidney transplants. He currently requires regular dialysis.

Other celebrities who have made recent trips to hospitals include Bret Michaels, Bono and Mindy McCready.

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