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Gabrielle Giffords’ recovery gives hope to millions


Today images of Gabrielle Giffords in her hospital bed have been made public for the first time since the Tucson massacre at the weekend. The Arizona shooting claimed 6 lives and injured 18 others, including Giffords who was shot in the head.

Surgeons worked quickly to save her life, removing the bullet from inside her skull and relieving the swelling which would have taken her life had doctors not responded so fast.

After surgery she showed much promise by responding to stimulus. The news is heartening after a week which ended with the death of John P. Wheeler III, Ashley Turton and the shooting in Arizona.

Many believe that all three incidents were orchestrated by corporate or governmental bodies aimed at silencing the three individuals who all had interests in affairs which could have led to certain bills not being passed.

Trying to pass Turton’s death off as an ‘accidental fire’ is nothing short of scandalous and an insult to our collective intelligence. No accidental fire starts so quickly that the occupant of a vehicle can get out safely.  As for John Wheeler’s death, there is far more to it than a sudden bout of mental illness as is being touted by many media outlets.

As it stands, there now seems to be a drive by congress and governors to abolish the first and second amendments in the name of protecting politicians from events like the Tucson shootings.

Emerging from the ashes of fiercely heated debates about the inflammatory rhetoric employed by Sarah Palin and her reclaimation drive, talk of a New World Order is rapidly emerging. Mounting evidence is pointing towards total control and devices have been put in place to implement a state of martial law in the US should the public stand up to the government and their machinations. Many already see the events that are ushering in the dawn of the abolition of their statutory rights as a totalitarian government takes another step closer to becoming a reality.

With Gabrielle Giffords showing good signs of recovery though, people will soon be able to hear the truth about what happened that terrible day in Tucson, and perhaps will start to open their eyes even further to the dangers that lie ahead if the current wave of warning signals are ignored.

Do you think there is a conspiracy by certain government groups to seize absolute control of the country? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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