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Gabrielle Giffords is talking and singing again


Tucson shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords is making great strides in her recovery from a gun shot wound to the head and is now talking with family again. The Arizona shooting claimed six lives including Giffords’ staff members and 9 year old Christina Taylor whose funeral last month was attended by around 2,000 people.

Jared Lee Loughner, the man responsible for the shooting spree has now been formally charged with the six murders, and a total of 49 federal charges of murder and attempted murder have been brought against him. Whether his motivations were induced by cannabis psychosis or he was a stooge for a government funded assassination attempt still remain unclear but given the news of Giffords’ progress it seems irrelevant at this time.

The news he is being charged will not bring Christina Taylor back and allow her to grow up and live a normal life, nor will it fill the void her passing has left in her family’s hearts; but at least the reports of Gabrielle Giffords making a strong recovery is a glimmer of sunshine emerging from behind the darkest of clouds.

Gabrielle is said to have been speaking with family members and even singing some of her favourite songs as part of music therapy which doctors at the TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston are using to aid her on the path to full health.

It seems their promise of restoring Giffords to her old self in quick time is being delivered, although doctors have stressed that there is still a long way to go.

Her office has released a photograph showing Gabrielle just moments before the shooting took place on January 8th; the congresswoman is seen talking to locals outside the supermarket where the incident happened.

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