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From hamburgers to salads: Aretha Franklin reveals her weight loss secrets


The Queen of soul is looking slimmer and healthier than she has in many years — much to the surprise of her fans who for months have been led to believe that she is suffering from incurable pancreatic cancer. In a recent interview,  Aretha Franklin sheds some light on how she is shaping up.

Franklin underwent surgery towards the end of last year to rectify an undisclosed illness that many were reporting was incurable pancreatic cancer, but Aretha later rubbished that rumour during an interview with Access Hollywood, in which she said, “I don’t know where ‘pancreatic cancer’ came from, I was sitting there reading the newspaper and it was saying someone in my family said that. No one in my family ever said that to anybody.”

Reports that she has cancer were then replaced with rumors that she underwent gastric bypass surgery. It’s not clear whether there is any truth to that, but we do know that she has played in active role in shedding 25lbs.

Franklin, who turns 69 next month, revealed her birthday wish in an interview with Jet magazine: “By my birthday I will be a 16 – that’s my birthday wish. And I just want to continue my super maintained health.”

“I look wonderful to myself at [US] size 14 or 16. But 16 is OK, too. I will rest my case at 16.”

So how has the R&B diva, who has already dropped three dress sizes, knocked off the pounds? She’s ditched heavily chemically treated foods and is  drinking lots of water to rid her body of toxins. “It’s a natural flushing.Water flushes your system and is also very good for your skin,” the singing legend said.

Of course that’s not all. “I used to have hamburgers coming and going, especially when I was on the road,” Franklin said. “Now, occasionally I will still have that quarter pounder because I love fast food, but you have to keep it to a minimum. I am now opting for salads and just healthier lunches.”

For those of you who’d like to have a peek in her refrigerator, these are the ingredients she uses to whip up her “Aretha Salad”: radishes, tomatoes, red onions, olives, carrots, a little shredded cheese, ranch dressing and a little lemon.

Combine her healthy eating with the 30 minutes she walks on the treadmill, three to four times a week, and its no wonder Franklin is looking so good.

After being forced to cancel a string of concerts last year, fans can look forward to seeing “a brand new”  and “healthier version” of Aretha Franklin when she goes on tour in spring.

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