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Former teen icon Leif Garrett arrested on drug charges


The 1970s heartthrob was arrested at a Los Angeles subway station on Monday, after police thought he was acting suspicious, because he was “shaking and sweating profusely”, they told the LA Times.

Though at first putting his sweating down to just being nervous around police officers due to his prior experience with them, he denied having any drugs on him and allowed police to search him. They found black tar heroin in his shoe.

The actor, who will face a judge in court on February 24, was released from jail in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Leif has had many prior drug related problems with the law. The actor was arrested just four years ago for heroin possession, reports. The actor was found riding the same subway line where he was arrested on Monday, without a ticket. When officers searched him, they found black tar heroin and Quaaludes ( a sedative, hypnotic drug that has a similar effect to barbiturates). He was sentenced to three months in jail.

In 1999 he was arrested in a Los Angeles park after allegedly trying to buy drugs from undercover police officers. In 1979, just three days shy of his 18th birthday, he was reportedly under the influence of alcohol and Quaaludes when he crashed his Porsche, leaving his best friend disabled.

Other celebrities with addictions include Johnny CashDrew BarrymoreLiza Minnelli,Lindsay Lohan and Mickey Rourke, to name only a few.


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