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Felicity Huffman overcomes bulimia thanks to her family’s support


Notable Hollywood personalities form a huge chunk of eating disorder sufferers. ‘Desperate Housewives’ super mom Felicity Huffman is a prominent name in the long list of actors suffering from eating disorders, including bulimia and anorexia. Right from her teenage years, Huffman was never happy with her body and once said: “I was bulimic and anorexic for a while, just hating my body.”

The bulimia took hold of Felicity’s life and there was a time when she turned violent and upset about her unpleasant experience with her eating disorder. Expressing her emotional breakdown during her bulimic days, Felicity Huffman said: “As an actress, I was never thin enough, never pretty enough. My boobs weren’t big enough. I was throwing up all the time, figuring out what foods you can throw up and what foods you can’t. You sort of top off at throwing up about six times a day because your body just can’t take it any more.”

Also known for her role in ‘Transamerica’, Felicity’s bulimia also took the shape of anorexia where she went to her lowest weight of just 98 pounds and came under the media’s scanner for her frail and skinny body.

In an interview to USA Today, Felicity Huffman explained her reaction on being judged every time and said: “Everything was judged as ‘that was a good time in my life because I was thin’ or ‘that was a bad time in my life because I was fat”.

But with family intervention and their growing concern, Felicity decided to consult a therapist and now she is pretty happy with a healthy body. The love and support of her husband helped Huffman to recover fast from eating disorders. With the changed outlook, Felicity, a mother of two kids was quoted as saying: “Having two kids and turning 40 is what made a difference. I think I’ve always had a 40-year-old body, and now that I’m actually there I’m like, ‘Hey, pretty good, huh?”

Other celebrities who have suffered from eating disorders include Mary-Kate Olsen,Sharon Osbourne, Daniel Johns and Jane Fonda.


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