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Fearless Roberta Mancino voted World’s Hottest Female Athlete


Beautiful adrenalin junkie Roberta Mancino has just been voted World’s Hottest Female Athlete by Men’s Fitness and it’s not difficult to see why.

Mancino is an Italian model who has graced the pages of many fashion magazines. But perhaps that isn’t the best way to introduce her, because when the 29-year-old isn’t posing for the camera, she is usually busy leaping out of planes. The stunner has been skydiving and BASE jumping for close to 10 years, and already has 4,000 jumps to her name.

And it doesn’t stop at that. When she isn’t getting her thrills from up in the clouds, she’s diving with sharks. The gorgeous extreme athlete also has a black belt in kickboxing and she used to compete nationally before discovering her true passion skydiving.

In an interview with the men’s magazine Mancino talked about how she trains her body for skydiving. She gave yoga and gym a brief mention before moving onto the more adrenalin-packed workout:

“The best training is at Skyventure XP Paraclete, an indoor skydiving wind tunnel in North Carolina where I train for the International Skydiving competitions. I can train several hours of body flight time in a couple of days. I would have to take several hundred jumps to get the same amount of training. I really feel it in my shoulders and my back. However, I think tunnel flying is a very good overall workout for your body. It is extremely cardio intensive and you need to stay mentally alert and mentally tough. If you lose track of where you are flying in relation to the wall you can get really injured. I am often very sore after flying, especially when training with the team. The freestyle training is hard because you need a lot of stretching.“

And who ever said you can’t combine work with pleasure. Mancino went on to say that she once did a jump for a magazine shoot. Naked.

“The plane was full of other skydivers,” she explained, ” and I kept a blanket over me until it was time. I jumped out first so the entire load of skydivers-23 people-got a little show at altitude. It was chilly, but once I jumped it was a nice feeling to have the wind against my body and to not have a jumpsuit or any clothes flapping against me.”

Check out the Gorgeous daredevil in action in this video

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