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Estranged mom Darlene Egelhoff begs Heidi Montag for reconciliation in an open letter


Heidi Montag’s estranged mom has written an open letter to her daughter out of desperation, in the hope that she will consider reconciling after breaking off contact nine months ago when the fateful Hills episode was shot, during which Egelhoff said Heidi didn’t “look good” after her ten plastic surgery procedures. has the letter.

In the letter she makes reference to their “distorted body images”, saying: “Both of our cases are severe and very much in the public eye with ours manifesting in your case admittedly plastic surgery and in my case a life robbing eating disorder, both which nearly claimed each of our lives.”

Then, making several references to God, Egelhoff continues by telling Heidi that she is “greatly blessed”  and that that she is “a natural leader, encourager, teacher and minister with great compassion.

“You could have a highly successful career as an author and motivational speaker with beautiful messages of strength and healing, empowering women, affecting millions, bringing you great purpose, satisfaction and Joy.

One might wonder why Heidi’s mother has chosen to go public with such a private and candid letter, but apparently she has no  other means of communicating with her. “I am clearly desperate to be trying to reach you like this,” Egelhoff writes. ” I don’t know what else to do. I hope you can see it’s just me, mom who wants her little angel back. PLEEEEEEAAASSEEE CALL ME!!!”

Do you think this tactic will bring Heidi and her mom closer, or will it only serve to create a bigger gap in their troubled relationship?

Click here to read the full letter on RadarOnline.

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