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Ernest Hemingway's life documented in new film


Ernest Hemingway is hitting the headlines this morning after it was revealed that a new HBO film is in the pipeline charting the pioneering writer’s life. The film called , “Hemingway and Gelhorn” and will star Clive Owen as the protagonist.


Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois on July 21st, 1899 and became one of the most influential fiction writers thanks to his unique literary style and the depth and authenticity of his characters.


His penchant for writing developed in school but he flourished in his first job at The Kansas City Star where he worked as a reporter. His experiences as an ambulance driver in the First World War formed the basis for his novel, Farewell to Arms, although his first book, The Sun Also Rises didn’t appear until 1926.


His life was an adventurous fare which saw him through four marriages and he had over 25 fiction and non-fiction books published (nine posthumously) but towards the end of his life his mental health deteriorated.


In the months leading up to his suicide Hemingway became increasingly paranoid and often mentioned being followed or monitored by the FBI. He was admitted to the Mayo clinic in November 1960 where he was subjected to electroconvulsive therapy as many as 15 times in the month he was there. His release in December left him a broken man and three months after his release he took his own life with his favourite shotgun; loading two cartridges into the barrels, placing it in his mouth and pulling the trigger.


Many years after his death it was revealed that his father had Hemochromatosis, a genetic disorder which affects the body’s ability to process iron, and he is believed to have passed it on to his son.


Medical reports appear to indicate that Hemingway suffered with various mental health issues including Bipolar Disorder, borderline Narcissism, alcohol dependence and traumatic brain injury.


The forthcoming movie also features Nicole Kidman and Lars Ulrich, and star of the show Clive Owen appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last night sporting his new moustache.


“It’s for the part… I’m playing Ernest Hemingway,” he said of his new facial topiary.

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