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Susan Dey's family support helped her through anorexia


Susan Dey overcame anorexia

Susan Dey’s attractive, fresh-faced charm landed her a role in the hit television series ‘The Partridge Family’. With no prior acting experience she took on the role of Laurie, the eldest daughter of the fictional family but with little in the way of guidance at the time she began to develop her eating disorder.

At the height of her illness she weighed a mere 92 pounds and stopped menstruating. Her skin colour became orange because she was reportedly eating nothing but carrots.

Anorexia researchers say that this is a common trend observed in people suffering from eating disorders: they eat exclusively one type of food.

Mono-meals are actually quite a natural thing which harkens back to our foraging days when we would hang around in one place and consume whatever we found – that usually being one thing.

Susan reportedly realized she had a problem during a cast party at the beach when Danny Bonaduce saw her in a bikini and commented, “What’s wrong with you?! Your skin is orange! You look disgusting.”

Susan Dey in the Partridge Family
Susan Dey in the Partridge Family

20 years later, Susan gave an exclusive interview in which she admitted she was still not over her eating disorder.

I’m not in the clear yet – I’m still trying to overcome my anorexia, It’s something that has been plaguing my life.”

Beating a severe eating disorder is something you can not do alone,” she added.

Eventually she did overcome anorexia and now works as a member of the board at UCLA’s ‘Rape Treatment Center’ where she is giving something back to other women suffering personal traumas.

Her TV career earned her critical acclaim and after her four-year stint with ‘The Partridge Family’ she moved onto ‘LA Law’ where she played Grace van Owen, a role that won her a Golden Globe, three statues at the Emmy’s and many other nominations.

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