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Stephanie Pratt flaunted bulimia in front of her mom


Stephanie Pratt in 'The Hills'

Stephanie shot to fame through her role in the hit TV series ‘The Hills’ but during that time she caved in to public opinion and that led to a period of her life struggling with a return of bulimia; an illness she suffered with as a child.

As a young girl her parents were very conservative and she flaunted her problems in front of them without them ever noticing, knowing that there would be little chance of them working things out.

My mom and dad were very hands-on parents. They were never on vacations or anything like that, and I did everything right under their noses — I did drugs, I threw up my food — in the same house as them. And for them to never see that, my mom was just like, ‘What did I do wrong?’ ”

The ‘Hills’ star wanted to share her problems as they are being mirrored in so many young women who live apparently ‘normal’ lives and who are not subject to the pressures of the media limelight.

If she had known the signs of what to look for, I could have been helped a lot earlier,” she said about her mother.

I’m so thankful I got professional help and I’m healthy now, but I just really wanted to do this to help all of those moms to see those signs in their daughters. [Bulimia is] such an ugly, ugly word. I wish I could have danced around it and said I had eating issues, but this isn’t an article for me to shine.”

Stephanie Pratt displaying weight loss
Stephanie Pratt displaying weight loss spared rumours of eating disorders

The rumour mill went into overdrive about her eating disorders after Stephanie, the sister of Spencer Pratt (who is married to Heidi Montag), joined the cast of a reality TV show.

Although not officially confirmed that she suffered a relapse of her bulimia she was quoted as saying at the time: “I can’t believe how huge I look walking over to Lauren.’”

There were indications that she was unhappy with her body and these clues fuelled the fires for plenty of publications to have a field day. She reportedly once said: “It’s embarrassing working with skinny girls.”

After some help from her friends and family she has come to terms with herself and is now living a much healthier lifestyle.

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