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Pepsi's skinny-can upsets the rest of us


Skinny Pepsi

Pepsi’s new skinny can sounds fairly innocent, but it’s the accompanying press release, coupled with the fact that it debuted at the New York Fashion Week that is making folk get all kind of angry.

“In celebration of beautiful, confident women, Diet Pepsi presents the taller, sassier new Skinny Can…, ” the press release states, and BNET journalist Jim Edwards is one of many that have slammed the skinny can, saying: “Got that, fat chicks, Pepsi is celebrating tall and skinny soda/women because that’s what’s confident and stylish.”

Although he sees the merits of the redesign,  what really rankles him is “tying the can to an event with a history of favoring women whose body types are unusual at best and so unhealthy as to be fatal at worst. Not smart. Makes the old can look like your fat friend.”

The National Eating Disorders Association, has called the company’s comments “thoughtless and irresponsible”. And Tweeters throughout the world are expressing their anger at the new design, with many threatening to boycott the drink, which they probably should do anyway considering the amount of sugars, chemicals and sugar replacements used in these kinds of toxic drinks.

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