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Lily Allen speaks up about bulimia


Lily Allen

Lily Allen has opened up about how she was suffering from an eating disorder when her music career was at its peak in a revealing documentary.

It’s not surprising that the pressures of fame and the need to look a certain way eventually manifested itself in bulimia – a self-destructive eating disorder characterized by self-induced vomiting and laxative overuse.

“There was a point last summer (2009) where I had an eating disorder, I used to vomit after meals,” admits Allen. “It is not something I am proud of. But I tell you what, a lot of people used to come up to me and tell me how great I looked. And I was on the cover of every magazine with them saying, ‘Lily is looking amazing – look how much weight she has lost’. I thought I looked good.

“It was great to try on clothes and walk out of the shop feeling a million dollars. When you have been a victim of people saying the complete opposite, you want more of it. But I wasn’t happy, I really wasn’t. I would like to be the skinniest, mini-est person in the world, but I know I can’t do that without being unhappy. I like my food.”

The musician has since officially retired from the music industry and together with her older sister Sarah, 30, has just recently launched a vintage clothes store, Lucy In Disguise, in London’s famous and trendy Covent Garden market.

Allen went on to say that she has no desire to end up “mental” like Madonna, adding: “People who are famous and successful and live in this mad world tend to die really early, or kill themselves, or die in a drugs overdose. No offence but that is not what drives me. I want to get married and have kids and make sandwiches cutting the crusts off.”

Allen had a miscarriage after four months in 2008 when she was dating  Ed Simons from band The Chemical Brothers and then again last year when she was six months pregnant with fiance Sam Cooper’s baby.


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