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Lara Stone is the 'curvy' model for new CK campaign


Lara Stone - Calvin Klein

Clothes designer Calvin Klein has released an ad that features the new face of its Naked Glamour campaign, the supermodel Lara Stone.

Lara Stone is famous for her gap-toothed smile and also for being ‘curvy’, which when you look at her in images, makes you wonder what thin is, if that is curvy. Still, the fact that she’s a size 4 in the US rather than a scantily fleshed size zero and not slightly thinner than a skeleton’s fart counts for something in this world obsessed with looking underweight.

So we should be thankful for every baby step the fashion industry takes away from anorexic models and toward those models who look like they might have one eaten and might still have a pulse to prove it.

The Dutch supermodel will be the face and clothes hanger for the new collection that we can look forward to seeing in stores in late August.

Previous faces chosen by the fashion label to represent this particular line include actress Zoe Saldana and Eva Mendes.

Lara Stone won the accolade of model of the year at the British Fashion Awards last year and has enjoyed great success ever since. She is currently on the cover of this month’s Vogue Paris; she features in this year’s acclaimed Pirelli Calendar; she is also the face of Tom Ford’s most recent campaign and has been voted top model by, if that means anything to anyone.

I’m keeping my chunky fingers crossed that this is a sign that the fashion industry is coming around to the fact that normal weight is just that, and underweight is unattractive and subnormal in most people.

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