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January Jones loses weight for new film part


January Jones

January Jones – one of the many beautiful stars of retro hit Mad Men is one of the latest stars to have lost substantial amounts of weight for a role.

The actress who plays Betty Draper in the series, is going down the dress size ladder in order to step into the shoes of Emma Frost in the forthcoming film of X-Men which will involve several challenging costumes that require a spectacular body light on fat. Jones already has a very slender build but has dropped another two dress sizes by adopting a strict mostly vegan diet of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and raw vegetables.

In order to get the part of Betty Draper in Mad Men, Jones had been instructed to put weight on to better portray the typical woman’s figure during the fifties which was more voluptuous and curvy than women’s emaciated contemporary figures. Those were the days.

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