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Daniel Johns and his struggle with Anorexia


Daniel Johns on the road to recovery

An eating disorder is an extreme condition and is usually marked by experiences where a person suffers from extreme disturbances in eating behaviour including reduction in food consumption or overeating.

One much loved rock star, Daniel Johns of Silverchair. had a terrible time with anorexia and came very close to committing suicide because of it.

But Johns’ recovery is a great example to anyone who feels their condition is something worth ending their life over. He admitted that his battle with the eating disorder put an end to him eating almost everything and his only concern was his music.

In 1999, the dangerously thin appearance of the singer during the release of ‘Neon Ballroom’ sparked rumours that he was addicted to drugs, but Johns quickly moved to clarify that that was not the case and opened up about his struggle with anorexia nervosa.

In an interview with ABC he expressed his hatred for food during the acute stage of his eating disorder and said: “I could somehow convince myself that apples contained razorblades and wouldn’t go to restaurants because I thought every chef in the world wanted to poison me.”

Johns’ lowest recorded weight was just 110lbs (or 50 kg). The doctors treating Daniel for his psychological eating disorder were forced to warn him of the potentially fatal consequences he faced by not eating.

Daniel Johns in a dangerously unhealthy state
Daniel Johns in a dangerously unhealthy state due to anorexia

It [food] was just the enemy. I just hated the look of it, the smell of it. If anyone talked about it, I’d leave the room”, said the Australian musician.

The Sydney Morning Herald also quotes him as saying: “Kinda when I stopped eating was on our second album, just as it felt like everything was so out of control. The reason I think [I did it] was just to gain control.”

Along with his clinical depression and anorexia, Daniel wrote his inner feelings about anorexia in the famous “Ana’s Song”. In the midst of his anorexia he penned the lyrics for ‘Neon Ballroom’ which gave some insight into his disturbed state of mind that time.

I wrote . . . ‘Neon Ballroom’ in that time where I hated music, really everything about it, I hated it. But I couldn’t stop doing it and I felt like a slave to it.”

Thankfully he was able to overcome his problems with help and enjoys a healthy and quieter life out of the public gaze.

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