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Anorexia claims life of French model Isabelle Caro


Isabelle Caro

French model Isabelle Caro has died, after complications with anorexia, an illness that she has suffered with since the age of just 13.

Having recently posed nude for an anti-anorexia campaign, the harrowing images of her naked form are incredibly disturbing and upsetting. The fact that the illness ultimately claimed her life makes it all the more saddening.

Swiss singer Vincent Bigler told the media that Isabelle Caro had passed away on November 17th, 2010 at the age of 28, having received treatment for a breathing disorder, adding that the official cause of death is still unknown.

Caro was photographed for a series of ad campaigns against anorexia in 2007, but due to the extreme nature of the images the advertisements were banned in several countries.

The anti-anorexia campaign came at a time when opinions on using very skinny models were divided among many fashion houses.

At the time of the campaign, Isabelle Caro told the press: “I thought this could be a chance to use my suffering to get a message across, and finally put an image on what thinness represents and the danger it leads to – which is death,” although the model herself weighed just 32kg at this time.

The model’s family and close friends held a funeral ceremony for her in Paris last month.


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